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Charlene Farrugia allegedly killed inside murderer’s apartment

Sources close to the investigation have confirmed that Charlene Farrugia, the girl who disappeared 11 years ago, was killed inside an apartment in Ephesus Street, St Paul’s Bay. On Sunday, TVM reported that the apartment was under constant police surveillance as part of police investigations and inquiries.

TVM is now in a position to reveal that the apartment belongs to John Paul Woods, who was arraigned in Court on Monday morning and charged with an attempted hold-up from a convenience shop located in Rue D’Argens, Gzira last week.

It is not yet known how Farrugia finished up in the apartment, but the same sources said that at the time of the girl’s disappearance, John Paul Woods was a friend of Charlene Farrugia’s and of her boyfriend. After the discovery of human remains was made, the police went to the apartment to continue their investigations but all they found was an abandoned apartment. Forensics officers examined every corner of the apartment hoping to collect some kind of evidence.

The same sources said that apart from indicating where he allegedly concealed the remains, Woods also told the Police that he had disposed of the rest of the remains elsewhere, even inside skips.

When arrested in connection with the hold-up Woods began shouting and insisted that he was being arrested in vain. While in police custody on Friday in connection with the hold-up, Woods apparently asked to speak to police over something he had done years ago which filled him with deep remorse. It was here that Charlene’s name was mentioned with Woods saying that 11 years ago, this girl was reported missing, when the truth was that he had killed her.

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