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Chased suspected thieves because he is against thefts in Marsa

A vegetable vendor was the victim of a robbery this morning in Marsa when two persons allegedly grabbed his money box from his truck. A Sudanese immigrant noticed the theft and immediately chased the alleged thieves, while a TVM crew who happened to be on site filmed what appeared to be a broad daylight robbery.

While working between interviews and media conferences, a Television Malta crew was preparing to report news when all of a sudden they witnessed a robbery from a vegetables hawker a few metres away from the Marsa church.

Ibrahim, a Sudanese immigrant who lives in Marsa, recalled to TVM how he noticed a man stealing the vendor’s money box and allegedly handing it over to another man who was likely his accomplice. The Sudanese immigrants said he couldn’t remain idle and ran after the men.

“I’m there sitting down I saw person took things I hear cuk cuk cuk I know is money. So I use used to buy something from him and he took money I ran after him he gave money to friend. I know him I know where he lives I’m not afraid you can’t steal among us in the middle of us. We have to improve that I’m not a thief I don’t thief that’s why I follow I’m here to protect my life this where I sit and get my peace I follow to help them.”

Ibrahim added that he couldn’t accept someone robbing Joe, whom he described as his grandfather. He expressed his wish to improve the area where he lives and avoid causing further damage.

Within minutes, district police and Special Intervention Unit officers were on site and identified a building where the two suspected thieves are thought to live.

Despite that the Police search resulted negatively, the officers continued with their investigations in the area as it resulted that the two thieves ran away on foot.

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