Child support orders involving people who live abroad will now be enforced

Child support will still have to be paid even if the separated or divorced spouse lives abroad.

This will be possible following an agreement between two Ministries through a specific Court order in this regard.

Over the last two years, there have been 22 cases of child support for which legal action has had to be taken for it to be paid.

The possibility that one can go live in another country has created difficulties for separated or divorced couples who have children where child support is required.

The Justice Ministry joined the Ministry of Social Solidarity so that those parents who are supposed to pay child support and who live abroad, do not abuse from the lack of enforcement by not paying up.

“Obviously, you have children who are minors in one country and another person who is obliged to pay support in another country.   The idea is for Legal Aid Malta to give very strong assistance to the FSWS which is the central authority which receives these complaints that child support is not being paid from abroad.”

Minister Michael Falzon said that a lot of work is being done to ensure that vulnerable people should be given the protection why deserve.

“Our main aim is to work more closely together where child support orders are issued from abroad and the child is here or vice-versa. There are around 22 cases which fall under Legal Aid Malta and we aim to expedite these and work harder so that someone doesn’t keep moving from one place to another, and thus does not fulfil their obligations to pay child support.”

The agreement was signed by the CEO of the Foundation for Social Services Alfred Grixti and by Bruno Zahra on behalf of the Legal Aid Agency.