Childcare centres to open their doors tomorrow

The Association of Childcare Centres has said that everything is ready for doors of child-care centres to reopen from tomorrow. Among the protection measures, employees at these centres will wear masks or visors at all times, while children will not wear masks or visors, but will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently.

In virtue of an agreement between the Chamber of Commerce for Small and Medium Enterprises, the Child Care Centres Association and the Ministry of Education, from Friday morning childcare centres can reopen their doors to welcome back children. The Association said that in addition to the strict protocols already in place, other protection measures would be introduced, including the need to maintain social distance and prevent the mixing of groups of children.

Centre employees will be required to wear masks or visors at all times, although children will not wear masks or visors. However they will be encouraged to wash their hands often and wipe their belongings. Among other protection measures, the centres will be regularly disinfected with child-friendly products. Toys and other items will be cleaned and disinfected between groups. The agreement calls for each childcare centre to have an isolation room in case someone becomes ill.

The Association argued that the reopening of childcare centres is being seen as a very important step towards normalcy. It went on to say that these centres represent a successful public-private partnership and are an essential support service to increase women’s participation in the workplace. The Association emphasized that this service was therefore instrumental for the economy to recover.

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