Children and husband abuse victim

The issue of domestic violence in the country was analyzed during ‘Popolin’ programme. Social worker Yvonne Fiorini said that the victim’s profile varies between women and men of different ages. “When the victim is an adult, one has to keep in mind that the abuse may come not only from the partner, but also from children”. Ms Fiorini added that she came across various cases of this type of abuse in which children, together with the partner, assaulted the victim.

Asked by the programme’s presenter Quinton Scerri about the reason for a person to attack his mother who brought him up, Remenda Grech, director at the Foundation of Social Welfare Services, said that when a person is brought up in an abusive environment, he learns that abuse and violence are the means to deliver one’s message. Therefore, awareness and education are fundamental as, through social skills learning in schools, children learn about the good and bad aspects of behavior.