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Children at Maria Regina school in Naxxar have two counselors as part of Blossom project

The Malta Trust Foundation, established by President Emeritus Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, will extend its counselling service in schools to the Maria Regina medium school at Naxxar, as part of the Blossom project.

The foundation received a donation of €40,000 by the Deloitte Foundation which will cover expenses for the next three years. The service is already being provided at the St Paul’s Bay primary school where, the foundation said that 400 students were given psychological support during the past four years.

President Emeritus Coleiro Preca said that with the project, students will be given professional assistance to tackle social problems. “Our aim is that we consider to extend the service where he receive a request. In fact, the Maria Regina college requested the possibility of providing the counselling service at the Qawra school, when it will open”.

Counselor Carmen Galea stated that students’ challenges vary from bullying to family problems. “We assist mostly in psychological problems and academic ones where we investigate from where the problem originated. If it is a family problem, and probably a case of abuse; children cannot behave in a good manner and our aim is to address the problem and assist the children”.

The Education Ministry’s permanent secretary, Frank Fabri, said that the service will build more on the services of psychological support offered by the government.

Asked if the Education Ministry plans to have a resident counselor service in each government school, Mr Fabri said the government is striving to have more counselors. “The country’s supply is what it is; we also understand that cases are on the increase and are aware and committed to strengthen the service”.

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