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Children dress up as saints, collect food items for charity

The feast of All Saints was celebrated in the village of Żebbuġ, Gozo with an unusual initiative which mainly involved children from the village. Whilst helping to spread devotion towards saints, the children collected food products for charity.

Away from their classrooms and daily routines, a group of children from the parish of Santa Marija took part in an activity with a charitable bent.

Dressed up as saints, the children knocked on parishioners’ doors to collect food products for eventual charitable donations. Archpriest Fr John Sultana said that during this activity the children also managed to collect some sweet treats which they shared among themselves. The Archpriest added that the children did not simply knock on doors empty-handed, as they themselves had prepared some delicacies for the parishioners. And that’s not all.

“The children also handed out brochures with stories about saints, which they invited parishioners to read, besides praying to that particular saint throughout the year and appointing the saint as their patron,” Fr Sultana added.

The Archpriest pointed out that at a time when the Church commemorates the saints and the dead, the parish of Żebbuġ urged parishioners to decorate the windows of their homes with statues of saints. “This so that we can truly ask for God’s help through the intercession of the saints,” the Archpriest explained.

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