Children in hospital deprived of their loved ones because of Covid 19

Children in recovery at the Rainbow ward at Mater Dei Hospital are being deprived of seeing one of their parents due to the Coronavirus. TVM spoke to Claudette Mifsud, Kim’s mother who has already spent 15 days in isolation with her daughter while her daughter’s father is not able to see her so as not to put her health at risk.

Three-year-old Kim Mifsud is one of the young patients at Mater Dei hospital’s Rainbow ward, who has been deprived of one of her parents and other relatives since the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus, to prevent risk of infection. Kim’s mother, Claudette Mifsud told TVM that she has been sleeping and waking up in isolation with her daughter for fifteen days without seeing her husband and other relatives.

“Her father cannot be with us. It’s been two weeks. It’s been hard and it’s indefinite. I do not know how long it will last – a month, two months,”

Claudette said her daughter cries a lot when she sees her father’s face on the phone, knowing she can’t hug him. “Initially she’d talk to him, hang up and start to cry. I’ve talked to her and I don’t know how, but she seems to have accepted it.”

Rennie Zerafa from the Puttinu Cares Foundation said that there was a lot of suffering within families who had children with cancer, but he hoped that this would convey the right message to people who do not quite realise the consequences of this virus.

“If everyone does their part the virus will not spread and we’ll overcome it, with love and sacrifice.”

Claudette Mifsud and Rennie Zerafa called on everyone to abide by the Health Authorities’ directives because if these are relaxed many people will suffer, among them children who are currently hospitalized.

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