Children with autism given specialised equipment to be able to communicate

A number of children with autism or problems with communication will start using specialised electronic equipment which will help them with learning and to integrate better in society. This equipment was donated by the Malta Trust Foundation which together with Aġenzija Sapport worked on the E3 project. The intention is for the Foundation to reach more children with various needs, including those who are visually impaired.

22 children who are on the spectrum or who have problems with communication and their vision will see an improvement in the way they learn and communicate.

The equipment costs around €100,000 and was collected during a fund raising campaign earlier this year as part of the E3 project which aims to educate, boost the morale and provide incentives to children with special needs. Aġenzija Sapport helped with assessing the children.

The Chairperson of the Malta Trust Foundation, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, spoke about the importance of this equipment:

“These devices help these children to start communicating and when that happens their quality of life changes, as does that of their family and even their peers. In our experience, in using these devices with children, we know that they do miracles – the children start communicating and make great progress and their development flourishes.”

Apart from the equipment, which is personalised for the needs of each individual, training is being given to children and their families to ensure that they will be getting all the benefits of this equipment. The foundation said that it is in contact with professionals and other entities, including NGOs, to ensure that they achieve their aims and help as many children as possible. It added that right now it is in the process of obtaining 36 other devices for children who are visually impaired.