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Children’s Commissioner calls for the reconsideration of prison sentence of two mothers

The Children’s Commissioner’s Office called for the reconsideration of a court sentence which sent to prison two mothers of small children.

Last week, two mothers – 28-year old Rabia Yavus and 29-year old Muzekka Deneri, were imprisoned for six months for falsifying documents to escape from Turkey for political reasons.  The two admitted the charges. During the case hearing, their children aged four and two, were in tears in court.

Children’s Commissiooner Pauline Miceli said in a statement that Article 9 of the UN Convention on Children’s Rights says that children should not be separated from their parents, and if this is done, they should have direct relationship and contact with their parents.

The Office added that the authorities should take action to ensure that these children are protected and that decisions are taken in their best interests.

It appealed to the judiciary to show sensitivity in such cases and ensure the children’s rights, and that the decision to imprison the two mothers should be revised as soon as possible. It urged all entities involved to ensure that the children are protected, have adequate contact with their mother and to respect their privacy.