China being called upon to pay for damages caused by Covid-19

China is facing several cases for damages because of its involvement in the start-up to Covid-19.

China is facing accusations by various groups in the US, and now also from the state of Missouri, as it is being stated the country’s actions have led to a global pandemic which could have been avoided.

The state of Missouri has instituted a case for damages, saying the Chinese authorities concealed crucial information, arrested the whistleblowers, destroyed medical research, caused millions of persons to become exposed, and even stockpiled enormous quantities of protective clothing.

At least 6,105 persons in Missouri are infected with Covid-19, and 229 have died so far.

Other cases for damages have been opened in federal courts, among others, by property agencies and by an accounting firm in California, as well as by the Freedom Watch group.

Legal experts say the chances of China being made to pay compensation are minimal, as it is protected by sovereign immunity.

Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities say they have felt offended by an article carried in Bild, a German magazine, which stated that China owes Germany 149 billion euro in damages caused by Covid-19.