China considers mixing vaccines for greater efficiency

China is to consider mixing vaccines against Covid-19 so that the final product will be more efficient.

Gao Fu (photo), the director of the Chinese Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said that if people are given doses of different vaccines, the rate of protection increases.

One of the vaccines developed in China by the company Sinovac Biotech, is 49.1% efficient when the two doses are given over a period of less than three weeks from each other.

However when the second dose is given after more than a three week period, its efficacy increases to 62.3%.

Two other Chinese vaccines which were prepared by Sinopharm, were reported to have a 79.4% and 72.5% efficiency respectively.

Although its vaccines appear to be less efficient that those of other renowned companies, Chinese vaccines do not need to be kept at such low temperatures

China is planning to have produced more than 3 billion doses of vaccines by the end of this year.

Although it has exported millions of doses, it is facing considerable scepticism from various countries.