China is taking anal swabs to detect Covid-19 as they are considered more effective

The authorities in a number of cities in China have begun to take anal swabs to detect Covid-19 in people who are considered to be high risk.

It is believed that the anal swabs are producing a more precise result than those taken through the nose or the mouth, as the virus is believed to last longer in excrement.

The rate of testing has been intensified to cope with the possibility of a further spread of the virus next month, as many people travel and meet family members during the holidays for the Chinese New Year which this year falls on 12 February.

Taking anal swabs involves inserting the cotton swab between 3 – 5 cm into the backside and rotating it slowly, in a procedure similar to the swab taken from the nasal cavity.

Among those who are being tested in this way there are residents in the North and Northeast of China where a number of Covid-19 cases have been found.