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“Choice on Saturday is not between red and blue, but whether to go backwards or forwards” – PM

During a mass rally in Vittoriosa, the Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party,  Joseph Muscat said that the choice on Saturday is not between red and blue but between going backwards and going forwards.  

Dr Muscat said that the Labour Government left from a great distance but has also made great strides which began from a people who had already given up, a people who thought that the best times were behind them. However he said that the Movement caught the spirit and values which have always distinguished the Maltese people, that of social justice, national unity and that this country cannot content itself with being just another country but of being the best in Europe. Dr Muscat said that despite the fact that there were those who were not happy with the dream of these Movement, it has managed to grow and has began planning for the future. He said that this Movement said no to bills which had to be higher, or that someone had to beg for a job or for an increase in one’s pension or to find work for those with a disability. Now, for the people who showed their trust in this Movement, this dream has become a reality.  

Dr Muscat said that if it were not for an increase in pensions by the Labour Party, thousands would have ended up in poverty and as beggars, but this Government gave them the dignity they deserved. He said that the Nationalist Government never increased pensions but left them frozen at the same rate, which meant that children ended up in a situation where they had to help their elderly parents. Worse than this was that a PN Government not only did not increase pensions but made the elderly suffer even more with obscenely high utility bills which impoverished thousands of elderly people in our country. 

For young people, Dr Muscat said that this Movement created work, with a guarantee that they would find work in our country, and not just for them but even enough work for their own children if this economic rhythm continues. He thanked the public for the expression of love which he witnessed over the last few days when faced by the tragedy of the murder of a man simply because he was black. Dr Muscat said the entire population refutes the statement that this Government has made Malta into a country bursting with foreigners, because Malta is bursting not with foreigners, but with jobs. 

He stressed that the language of hate does not get us anywhere and reminded his audience of the Great Siege in Vittoriosa, when the Maltese fought shoulder to shoulder with people of every European nationality, facing challenges together with a people who wanted to take sovereignty into their own. hands.  Dr Muscat said that on Saturday this Government needs energy, and everything written in the electoral manifesto will be implemented. He reminded the public about the motorsport track which will be built as well, and what was promised to hunters and trappers which will be done as well. He appealed to everyone to vote early on Saturday and to vote for all Labour candidates and that the choice on Saturday was between him and Adrian Delia so that the message would be received that Malta is in our hearts.

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