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Chris Said issues statement on the reputation of the PN and Malta

The candidate for the election of PN Leader,  Chris Said has expressed his concerns about whether Malta was attracting investment to become a centre for financial services following the news that Malta has dropped 8 places in the index by the Zyen Global Financial Services.

In a statement, Dr Said said that the financial services industry in Malta is the backbone of the economy and if it does not continue attracting investment, jobs will be lost while there will be a risk to the country’s economic growth.

He said that if he is elected Leader of the PN, he will hold the Government accountable. Dr Said said that if Malta loses its reputation, the results will be catastrophic.

He added that this reputation does not only apply to this industry, but to the Nationalist Party as well, and that was why Dr Said was stressing on the importance of reputation in his campaign to be appointed to the post of PN Leader.