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Chris Said and Adrian Delia focus on the elderly and pensions in their PN Leadership bid

The two lawyer candidates aspiring for the Leadership of the Nationalist Party, Dr Chris Said and Dr Adrian Delia, continued their appeals to accredited PN members, outlining their intentions if elected to the position in Saturday’s PN election and on the eventuality of later winning a General Election. The two candidates today concentrated on their proposals for the elderly and pensions.

Voting has in the meanwhile continued with a PN spokesperson saying that so far 12,500 people have voted in the election, the first time that accredited party members have voted in such an election.

During the last three days of the campaign Chris Said speaking in Sliema said that if he is granted the privilege of leading the party, the elderly and pensions will be the PN’s central theme. As Leader of the Opposition he would focus on the introduction of initiatives that enhance the quality of life for the elderly. One of the proposed measures is that grandparents who look after grandchildren will be financially compensated.

Dr Said said that with him at the helm, the elderly will have a share in all the PN’s structures. He said he had no team members who are freemasons and were he to discover that a person did have freemasonry links, he would dismiss them immediately.

The elderly were also high on Adrian Delia’s agenda. He said the elderly should have peace of mind in their financial affairs and have enough money to live on.

He said that Malta has an ageing population and although this is important it is equally important that living longer would be with dignity and a quality of life. Dr Delia said that elderly people should remain active and among other things be helped to enable them to continue living in their community.

Delia said the elderly should be given the opportunity to share their experiences with youths who, he said, have a lot to learn from their elders. Regarding those accredited PN lifelong members who have been barred from Saturday’s election, Dr Delia said they should be treated with great respect. He said human beings are liable to commit mistakes and he has already informed the PN that the system of accredited party members be updated.

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