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Christian Eriksen thanks well-wishers – says he is “fine”

Danish football player Christian Eriksen thanked the million people world-wide who wished him early recovery, during his first social media post since he suffered a heart attack on Saturday during the EURO 2020 match against Finland.

The midfielder appeared smiling from his hospital bed and indicated that he is in very good health.

In a message accompanying a photo, the 29-year old player wrote: Many thanks for your beautiful comments and messages from around the world. These mean very much for me and my family. Under the circumstances I am fine. Some hospital tests need to be done, however I feel good. I will now give my support to my Danish national team colleagues in the next match. Play for Denmark”, Eriksen said.

Saturday’s accident shocked millions around the world as nobody could believe what was happening. The accident also led to the suspension of the match following intensive medical assistance by a team to resuscitate the Danish player through CPR and a defibrillator.