Cirque du Soleil are back in Malta end November

Cirque du Soleil – the Montreal based world leader in the field of entertainment is back in Malta.

For a full month, from the end of November onwards, there will be acrobatic and visual artworks with a Maltese theme.

The show – Cirque du Soleil FAIRS – is the first audience and theatre performance in 17 months before the world entered the Covid pandemic.

Cirque du Soleil artistic director Jean-Guy Legault said the company was looking forward to celebrating with live performances in front of an audience.

Following the hiatus that followed the Covid-19 pandemic, the internationally renowned company Cirque du Soleil, will present for the first time in 17 months, a series of acrobatic shows and visual artwork.

This will be happening in Malta where for a whole month, between 25 November and 19 December, it will deliver highly skilled performances that will also be tailored-made to the culture and scenery of the Maltese archipelago.

Malta was the destination of excellence for the company Cirque du Soleil which for Malta will host the FIRI exhibition.

The last time Dar il-Mediterran hosted a real audience was shortly before the pandemic broke out in early March last year.

The Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo, said that a full month of Cirque du Soleil’s FIERI exhibition is good news for the hospitality industry to further strengthen Malta as a centre of excellence.

Cirque du Soleil was last in Malta in 2019 and artistic director Jean-Guy Legault said they were looking forward to celebrating life again as they always know it, with live performances in front of physical audiences.

“Since we were so absolutely sure we were going to be back, it never really left us. What has changed? The entire world has changed. The last one and a half, two years the whole world saw us in 2D. We have grown to understand that human beings are not meant to live in 2D. They’re meant to have that live contact”.

Cirque du Soleil’s FIERI shows are being held with Visit Malta with the world-renowned Montreal company based in Canada, giving a new meaning to the entertainment industry.

Performances are held in no less than 60 countries worldwide.