Civil society representatives debate Euro-Mediterranean issues in Malta

The biggest meeting of civil society representatives is being held in Malta to debate inter-cultural dialogue between European and Mediterranean countries. Representatives from 42 countries are meeting in the Med Forum 2016 to discuss the Mediterranean agenda also in the context of the Maltese presidency of the EU Council.

The Anna Lindh Mediterranean Foundation Forum, which represents more than 4,5000 non-governmental and civil society organisations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, is focusing on regional challenges including the fight against extremism.

The Foundation’s President, Elisabeth Guigou, said that youths should express themselves on internet to fight extremism.

“I think that we need as well our youngsters and our civil society to think what can we do to preserve mobility back and forth when at the same time we have more security constraints”, Élisabeth Guigou said.

Foreign Affairs Minister, George Vella, said that Malta can serve as a catalyst to unify the Mediterranean and that during the EU presidency, Malta intends to regenerate the Mediterranean agenda in order to focus on citizens’ aspirations.

“The Mediterranean has always been a sea of contrast, a sea of conflict, a sea of opportunities but we have to make the best we can to try to bring all these interests together and to bridge these differences which are in my opinion apparent”, Dr Vella said.