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Classical music festival to return to Malta – an opportunity to attract international attention

The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra returned to Malta after it successfully performed in three concerts this week in Dubai, with the participation of international renowned tenor Joseph Calleja in one of the concerts. The concerts were part of the classical music festival programme, initiated in Malta, with the Culture Minister promising others similar concerts next year.

The InClassica International Music Festival started in Malta 10 years ago by the Maltese foundation, European Foundation for Support of Culture.

For the first time this year, due to Covid restrictions, the festival couldn’t be held in Malta.

As a sign of support to the orchestra during this prestigious classical music festival, the Culture Minister Jose’ Herrera attended the concerts in Dubai. He described the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra as a high level entity in the cultural sector, that honours Malta. He said that the strategy of the orchestra performing abroad as a cultural ambassador in Malta is working and attracting attention.

He stated that once the festival couldn’t be held in Malta, Dubai served as an ideal place. “First of all because there is the trade expo here and this attracts international attention and second Dubai is a cosmopolitan country….some 200 ethnic groups of people live here”.

Internationally renowned soloists played with the national orchestra, with Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja performing in one of the concerts. Minister Herrera said he will work so that this festival returns to Malta from next year because it attracts international attention and world-wide media.

The InClassica International Music Festival ends on the 26th September.