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Clayton Micallef awarded National Order of Merit

Clayton Micallef was a member of Malta’s Armed Forces but in 2004 he suffered an incident that caused him extensive spinal damages and left him paralysed from the neck downwards.

Unable to move his hands and feet, his needs are complex and he needs continual assistance, assistance that was previously unavailable because it did not exist. Despite great difficulties he worked hard to create such a service and in 2010 he was granted funds for a pilot project intended to ensure that persons like himself can enjoy a life of comfort in their own home.

Micallef also greatly contributed to fund-raising as well as participating in television programmes to create greater awareness of the problems of the disabled, including social problems.

In 2012, Micallef decided to continue his studies for a BA in Psychology but because of access problems for his particular needs, he could not attend University lectures in a regular manner and he began to experience the problems of disabled persons like himself.

He began making efforts, and is still doing so, to meet relevant persons in order to bring about the necessary changes that are needed in this sector.

In fact, in 2013 he acquired funds from the Department for Education to be able to introduce the necessary infrastructure as well as the audio recordings of lectures. Despite all the difficulties in 2018 he acquired his BA in Psychology and began further studies leading to a Masters Degree from Aberdeen University in Scotland.

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