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Cleaning and maintenance to be increased in St Paul’s Bay and Xemxija over summer months

The cleaning and maintenance in the area of St Paul’s Bay will be given a boost in the summer months thanks to an agreement between the local council and the cleaning and maintenance directive. The Government will be paying half the expense for the service which will vary from cleaning residential zones and public lavatories to the maintenance of street furniture and other work.

In summer, the population of St Paul’s Bay, which includes Bugibba, Qawra and Xemxija, increases drastically between the influx of Maltese summer residents and tourists, with an additional increase in commercial activity as well. Summer after summer the justified complaints about the mounting piles of rubbish never stop.  For this reason, the local council and the cleansing directorate have agreed upon a programme for the locality to be kept cleaner.

During the signing of the agrement it was stated that this cleaning programme which will continue even late at night, will cost around €300,000, half of which will be paid by the council and the other half by the Government.

The mayor of St Paul’s Bay, Ann Marie Fenech, said that in this way the complaints which the council receives on a regular basis will be addressed, “We have a lack of staff and we cannot cope with everything ourselves.”

The director of the cleansing directorate Ramon Deguara said that this can be a pilot project for other localities. He appealed for residents to do their part, including taking out their rubbish bags at the allocated time. He also said that part of the agreement which will cover the two months of summer will be directed towards the cleaning of public latrines.

“There will be regular enforcement by plainclothes police officers and staff from the cleaning department who will monitor the locality and catch whoever is dumping rubbish illegally”, explained Mr Deguara. “There is also an issue of plots of land which have not been fenced off. There is a procedure in which we are identifying the owners, with the help of the Planning Authority so that they will build a wall or fence around the property as stipulated by law.”

The Parliamentary Secretary responsible for the cleansing directorate, Deo Debattista, said that the department is adapting to the needs of this zone, which is considered to be one of Malta’s busiest tourist areas.

This is the second local council which is benefitting from such an agreement, and the Parliamentary Secretary for local councils,  Silvio Parnis, said that this is a clear sign of the co-operation between the central and local governments which are working together towards the same objective.