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Clients may have been infected with HIV and hepatitis after undergoing facials with needles

Health authorities in New Mexico, in the US, are advising anyone who underwent a facial with needles in a particular spa to take a blood test. This is because there is concern that anyone on whom needles were used in the VIP Spa may possibly have been infected with HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

The issue started when one of the clients at this spa got infected after submitting to a procedure involving needles.

When the authorities carried out checks on the spa, they found that good hygiene practices were not being used. The authorities took action against the spa, and immediately closed it down.

The facial which involves the use of needles is known as vampire facial, and according to dermatologists, if it is carried out properly, there are no risks involved. In this procedure, blood is withdrawn from the face, plasma is separated from it, and the blood is then re-injected into the skin.


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