Cloistered nun, one of 85 patients awaiting kidney transplant

Sr Agnes Zammit reads the liturgical prayer from her tablet while undergoing dialysis. This is the reality that she has been living for the past two months, three times a week. She began suffering from kidney disease due to diabetes and hypertension.

Sr Agnes said that her kidneys had ceased to function and that she is on the waiting list for a transplant.

“You can’t buy organs – there must be someone generous enough to donate them. I’m currently on the list and perhaps one day I will be lucky, if nothing else because I won’t have to leave the Cloisters.”

Sr Agnes, who is the Mother Superior of St. Ursula’s Monastery in Valletta, has been a cloistered nun for the last 43 years having started her vocational journey when she was eighteen. She says that although it causes her heartache she needs to leave the convent three times a week for hospital treatment.

She called for more people to enroll in the donor registry for their organs to be donated after their death for transplantation purposes.

“The more generous we are in our lives, the more we will put our name down for organ donation because when we die, what difference does it make if you are buried with your kidney. None whatsoever. ”

Sr Angese is among 85 patients awaiting kidney transplantation, while there are about three hundred patients who carry out dialysis three times a week due to kidney disease.

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