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Clothing and shoes discarded in Malta end up in poor countries

On a daily basis members of the public are discarding between 100 kg and 350 kg of clothing and shoes in each one of several containers known as Clothing Banks, which are spread around Malta and Gozo. There are 98 containers in various localities on both islands, and the majority of items placed inside are clothing, shoes and bags.

It results, from information available to, that the company which came up with this initiative is collecting some 25,000 kgs of clothing every week, and has worked out that by the end of the year it will have collected about 1,200,000 kgs of clothing.

Brian Cardona of RefabLightblue Partnership explained that clothing which is still good is packed for export. Other clothing not in such good condition is cut up into rags.

The company is paid according to the weight of the exported material, and the clothing is sold for just a few euro cents in poor countries.


This initiative was started 11 years ago as a pilot project aimed at educating children and urging people to recycle clothing. Mr Cardona said his company joined forces with an Italian company to introduce these so-called Clothing Banks, more of which are expected to be added in other localities in the future.

Mr Cardona added that efforts are under way to launch a project for the country not to have any waste generated through clothing and shoes.




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