Coconut oil is like ‘pure poison’ to the body – Harvard Professor

A Harvard University Professor is claiming that coconut oil is one of the worst foods one can eat and considers it as ‘pure poison’ for the body.

Dr Karin Michels said this during an address she was giving at the University. She was speaking about the fact that coconut oil is being heavily promoted by healthy food activists who are insisting that this is the best oil one can use from all other oils available.

Dr Michels also said that consuming what are known as ‘superfoods’ is not necessary because one can get enough nutrients from food such as carrots, cherries and apricots.

This is not the first declaration of its kind when it comes to coconut oil.  For example, the British Heart Foundation had already expressed its concern about consuming coconut oil and whether it was better than other oils.

It turns out that coconut oil has 86% fat, which is one third more than butter which has 52% fat.  An excessive amount of fats in our diet can lead to an increase in cholesterol which can block the arteries and lead to heart disease.

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