Cohesion funds support the creation of crucial tools for people with a disability

Living a digital life is no longer a choice but a reality which we cannot escape from. However, for some people, among them people with a disability, modernisation has brought with it a number of challenges. A number of technological developments today are helping people with special needs to not feel like a fish out of water. This is particularly true for those individuals who on a daily basis, are used to speaking and being served only in the Maltese language.

In the light of this, in order for everyone to be able to access a number of online services in Maltese, thanks to a substantial investment from the European Fund for Regional Development, the Federation for the Accessibility of Information Technology has begun working on the first speech machine in the Maltese language.

In other words, thanks to EU funds, an investment has been made to create a specialised digital platform which provides speech in Maltese. This development will allow those with special needs who wish to use the Maltese language to fend for themselves even in the digital camp without needing to depend on anyone else.

Meanwhile, today, many of the services in the public and private sector are available on the Internet and the Maltese speech machine has been integrated into most of these services.

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