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Collaboration between Italian researcher and pharmacology company for cancer research

Collaboration between a pharmacology company based in Malta and an Italian researcher has resulted in further cancer research therapy. This research is based on Mediterranean plant extracts.

Professor Antonio Giordano is known internationally for his cancer research. In 1993 he discovered two drugs which are used in the treatment of breast, lung and bowel cancer. In recent years Professor Giordano has continued his research focussing on natural plant extracts. He believes that nature can help combat serious diseases like cancer.

“So now we are focusing a lot on how we can associate additional therapy to the classical pharmacological therapy and its becoming more and more evident how the natural extracts from plants and whatever the nature offers to the world basically, to the world of health and how we can use this type of product to try to defeat some of the dreadful diseases where chemotherapy or other pharmacological treatment are unable to do.”

Professor Giordano is in Malta collaborating with the pharmacology company IPC Ltd., which specializes in plant research and specifically how it can help individuals. IPC Scientific Director, Dr. Manuele Biazzo, who was one of Professor Giordano’s students, said that in recent years the company is specialising and focussing on the way natural plant extracts can help cure brain diseases and cancer.

“So when in the human body some metabolism will be damaged, through the aging or through the evolutionary process, it is possible to use molecules obtained from plants to reactivate these metabolisms. This is in particular valid for neurodegeneration and cancer developments. So those are at the moments the two main areas where we are researching and in particular we are focusing on the viral infection and the development of cancer, so the potential of the virus to deal with the cancer.”

Dr. Biazzo said the idea of ​a collaboration between ICP and Professor Giordano came about because the company continues to expand its research even with Italian clinics to increase the number of disease therapies.