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Collective imagination exhibition at Spazju Kreattiv

Over the coming week two artists will be exhibiting at Spazju Kreattiv installations used for studying links between abstract concepts and how these are reflected in the formation of collective and universal imagination.

“Collective Imagination” is an exhibition at Spazju Kreattiv which explores symbols, memories and universal customs and the manner in which this information is evaluated by those who absorb it.

Multimedia installations by two artists, Chellcy Reitsma from the US and Merja Brinon from Finland, are aimed at looking into collaborations and connections which are automatically inspired through technology and other tools.

”We realized how similiar we thought and how similiar our artworks are… so we decided to do the collective imagination exhibition.”

Chellcy stated that this contemporary world impacts on the way the brain functions, both at individual and at collective level. She invites visitors to actively contribute towards the strengthening of a creative voyage which is also universal.

”Its kind of like a dialogue between myself and the viewer even though I can’t be present at the gallery all the time… and some of the other pieces… everything is tangible evidence of collective imagination.”

Chellcy also explores the geographic formations which stand out through a kaleidoscope in a series of images which should rekindle childhood memories when perceptions of the world around us were innocent and creative, without the sorrows and regrets of later years.

She also explores the concepts associated with practices, traditions and customs rooted in the past, and the way they represent a chain in the stages of life: from birth to death, and the way they join up a series of infinite possibilities which, however, are determined by the immediate world around us.




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