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Collector has thousands of keychains but has never bought a single one

Thousands of key chains under one roof which are the apple of Gorg Borg’s eye,  can easily be described as the biggest collection of its kind in Malta. He has never bought one himself and he is proud of this collection and the fact that he has never had to buy a single keychain.

This passion was instilled in him when he was six years old, and now that he is in his 60s, Borg still loves his keychains which he collects to this day. It was his uncle who gave him his first key chains which saw the beginning of this impressive collection. The walls of his office are not decorated by paintings but covered by rows and rows of thousands of keychains from all over the world.

“Here in Malta after a while I couldn’t find any more new ones, but obviously I have a lot of friends overseas who started sending me some and I would send them some back and we kept exchanging them in this way.”

“I have never bought one, it would not be a collection for me if I had to buy them. A lot of people collect key chains which aren’t advertisements, but 95% of mine have an advert.”

From keychains featuring politicians to others advertising food, sweets, drinks, laundry products and a keychain dictionary from English to Italian, which also found itself in Mr Borg’s collection. He is possessive about his collection and does not let anyone touch it. .

“No one can touch them. Even if my grandkids come and try to touch, I tell them forget it – they can touch anything except these.”

Superstition prevents him from counting them. With a smile he said that he feels it would be bad luck if he tried to count how many he has, although now he has decided to try and keep a record of his collection.

“For now I am definitely not going to count them. At the moment I entering everything into an Excel sheet so that I know what I have.”

When one becomes a collector, one never stops. Surrounded by his rows of keychains which cover the walls of his office, Gorg Borg, and his box brimming with more keychains, has a hobby which is never-ending.

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