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Comino resident Maria Said passes away

The population of the island of Comino has dropped by one quarter, with the passing away of one of the four residents of this tiny island. Maria Said was 87 years old, and her death was announced this morning on the Facebook page of the Comino Feast.

Maria had spoken with on a number of occasions about her life on the smallest of the three islands forming the Maltese archipelago. She had mentioned that the population on Comino had at times been just under a hundred residents, but this number had been eroded over the years, and until her demise there were only four residents left on the island.

Comino had always been close to Maria’s heart, and she had always said she never dreamt of going to live elsewhere. The organisers of the Comino feast, which started being organised again in August as of two years ago, saluted the memory of Maria who had lived on the island all her life, and thanked her for all the help she had so willingly provided.

The remaining population of Comino is made up of Maria’s relatives, all cousins – Evangelista Buttigieg and her cousins Salvu and Anglu Vella.

Maria’s funeral will take place at Ghajnsielem, Gozo on Wednesday.


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