Commercial for incredible technology which “promotes sexual harassment”

This might be the most handy tool that any tourist may need because it is a small easy to carry gadget, with perfect and immediate translations into three languages – English, Japanese and Chinese. However, although there was a lot of praise for this gadget known as Ili described by its manufactures Logbar based in Tokyo, Japan, as “the first wearable translator”, the advert for the gadget has gone viral for the wrong reasons.

In the commercial, Dean, a young British man is wearing Ili and harassing woman in the streets of Tokyo by trying to convince them to kiss him after he shows them how the gadget works. At one point he tells a woman that kissing a stranger is considered “very normal” in the UK, and the woman replies, “not here in Japan!”

Dean tells another woman “I need to thank your parents for bringing such a beautiful girl like you into the world”.  The commercial ends with Dean kissing a woman on the lips and assuring her that “no one is looking”.

Social media outlets immediately started describing the commercial as one which promotes the sexual harassment of Japanese women. The advert was uploaded on Facebook and has been watched by 5.1 billion people, with many branding the commercial as one which promotes incredible technology but with the wrong marketing strategy.