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Commissioner for Standards in Public Life to investigate three allegations of incorrect behaviour

The Commissioner for Standards in Public Life,  Dr George Hyzler who was sworn in last month, is already investigating three cases of allegations over incorrect behaviour or breach of the code of ethics by people in public life, who may be Members of Parliament or officials appointed as persons of trust in a Ministry.

TVM can confirm that Dr Hyzler began hearing the testimony of these three cases to prepare his report. As a Parliamentary official appointed after consensus by two-thirds of the House, Dr Hyzler is hearing the testimony in Parliament itself. To date, the details of these cases which are being investigated, have not yet been made public. Dr Hyzler had explained that he may investigate cases which took place before the law on standards in public life came into effect on 30 October.

According to law, the Commissioner of Standards has six months to prepare his report on each case after it is passed on to the new Parliamentary Committee, presided over by the Speaker Anglu Farrugia. The Committee may accept his report and take steps and can also ask the Commissioner to continue investigating in further detail.