Companies which employ ICT students will be reimbursed 75% of the salaries

Around 350 students who are studying subjects related to information technology will be given an opportunity for work experience over the summer months.

The Student Placement Programme offered by the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) has a larger allocation this year and in fact it will refund 75% of the students’ salaries to private companies while the full pay will be reimbursed for students who are employed by NGOs or public entities.

For 13 consecutive years, students taking ICT courses or studying related subjects have been given an opportunity to obtain work experience during summer.  The Student Programme Placement also creates an opportunity for employees to find out what the educational system is offering since the Government will be reimbursing them for the students they employ over summer.

“The employer can do the vetting to choose the best candidates, there will be a placement period of 11 weeks and MITA will reimburse the salaries of the students.  Employers from the public sector as well as NGOs will receive the full amount of salaries,” said Adelaide Grixti, Senior Executive at MITA.

The Minister for the Economy and Industry said that this year the Government will fork out €800,000 so that around 350 students will be given a job opportunity.

“Since this year is also a challenging one for our business sector, we will see that the assistance being given to businesses who directly employ students with them over summer, will increase from 50% to 75% .”

The Executive Chairman of MITA, Tony Sultana, has urged female students to participate in this programme because statistics show that only 20% of those who apply are female. He said this programme creates an opportunity for students to prepare themselves for the workplace.

The application, both for students as well as those who employ them, opened on Wednesday and will remain open until 9 April. The application can be downloaded from MITA’s website.