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Company produces apertures using material which improves energy efficiency

Fiestral, which produces apertures made from material which improves energy efficiency,  has inaugurated a new factory at the San Gwann industrial estate at an investment of 1.5 million Euro.

Finestral director, Kenneth Azzopardi thanked Malta Enterprise and Malta Industrial Parks who have helped the company to increase its operations in this specialised niche.

”The uPVC is obviously a product which is more energy-efficient and today people have become every conscious about not wasting energy so they are investing in fittings for their home to make it more energy-efficient.”

Mr Azzopardi said that the company has itself invested in the field of energy by installing solar panels and recycling the waste which is generated with the aim of ensuring the protection of environmental standards.

During the inauguration, Economy Minister Chris Cardona said that the company is an example of how the manufacturing industry has evolved over the last six years. He said that the sector has gone through a strategic transformation, from  production to the mass market to particular niches which provide an added value.  Dr Cardona said that manufacturing employs up to 11% of the entire workforce and is the second largest employer in Malta.

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