Company to double the donations it receives for research into children’s medical conditions

The PM’s wife, Dr Lydia Abela, has praised the initiative of an establishment in Burmarrad to collect donations and double the  amount and donate it to research being carried out at the University of Malta into children’s medical conditions.

“Be a child’s superhero” is the campaign led by RIDT, to collect money from commercial establishments for this cause.

During a visit to Piscopo gardens, Dr Abela said that initiatives such as this should serve as an example to other companies.

“First of all, I believe we should support research which is carried out in our country, and secondly because this affects children. I think we should give our children every opportunity and offer them the best quality of life. There are still certain medical conditions for which we have no solution and therefore the solution should be research.  Studies show that countries which invest in research provide a better quality of life and a much healthier society.”

Wilfrid Kenely, from the University of Malta, urged more companies and the public to continue helping the researchers at the University.

He said that they work in silence to improve children’s lives, and added that the business community will continue to improve this initiative in the interest of children who are the future.

Vinny Piscopo said that the company she works with took this initiative because it coincides with its own values.