Compilation of evidence into death of Miriam Pace continues

Today the compilation of evidence continues against the four people who are allegedly responsible for the collapse of a building which caused the death of Miriam Pace. The case happened on 2 March 2020. Miriam Pace, 54, was in her home in Triq Joseph Abela Scolaro in Hamrun when her building, which was next to a construction site, collapsed.

Among the witnesses who testified today was the Official for Health and Safety, Joseph Borg. He said that he went on the site three times, and on 21 February and 28 February he had taken some photos. The photos were taken before the building collapsed as they are asked to go and visit a site once a week. He was asked to present the photos in digital format on 11 March. 

Another witness was Professor Alex Torpiano. He said that he saw footage taken by a CCTV camera from a distance. He said that the footage shows the upper part of the machinery as the work was taking place and what happened when the building collapsed. He explained that the roofs and part of the sides can be seen as well as the actual collapse. He said that what happened is a reflection of the confusion in the industry and said that if one is not sure of something, there is an obligation to ask.

At one point, Dr Gianella De Marco entered the court room and the Magistrate asked her whether she had come in to follow the sitting. She said she had come to assist the next witness, Chris Zarb. However the Court noted that the witness does not need legal assistance. The Court advised Zarb that he had a right to remain silent because whatever he said could be used against him. At this point, Supt Robert Vella said that he was not in a position to declare whether Mr Zarb was no longer a person of interest in the investigation.  Dr Giannella De Marco said that in that case, Mr Zarb chose not to testify with the Court accepting his request not to incriminate himself.

The next sitting has been scheduled for 11 March.