Complains that President may have affected public opinion on his case

Lawyers of Liam Debono – Dr Franco Debono and Dr Amadeus Cachia – presented a judicial protest saying they believe that the accused was denied the right for an impartial hearing after the President of Malta attended a solidarity walk for Constable Simon Schembri.

Liam Debono is being accused of running over and dragging Constable Schembri with his car for various metres, causing him 66% disability.

The walk, held in Valletta on the 19th May, was attended by various persons including the Maltese President. According to the defence lawyers, the walk was held in the context of the incident that led to the accused being arraigned in Court. In the judicial protest, they said that the presence of the President in the walk shows that she publicly expressed her position and that, as Head of State, she should never participate in controversial issues.

The judicial protest also refers to the Paqpaqli case, in which the President is involved, and is still being heard in Court.