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Concern on decision to recruit foreign supply teachers

Parliamentary Secretary at the Education Ministry, Dr Frank Fabri, said that in order to ensure the supply of enough teachers especially in Mathematics, English and Information Technology, the Government will issue a call for foreign supply teachers, who need to have the same requisites as the rest of supply teachers.

The Education Faculty Dean expressed skepticism on the use of supply teachers, while MUT said that the Government is seeking the easiest way to address the problem of teachers shortage.

Two weeks away for the opening of a new scholastic year, the Education Ministry is making efforts so that all schools will have the necessary teachers, even if foreign qualified teachers are recruited. The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Dr Fabri told TVM that all Maltese qualified teachers that may be recruited have a guaranteed job.

However, Dr Fabri stated that a number of foreign supply teachers are needed in certain subjects.

“These teachers are needed to fill some pockets, we mentioned the Primary and Secondary migrants hubs; there are also some subjects to assist current teachers. We heard a lot about the current issue of many teachers of Mathematics that have 25 lessons – therefore if we have more Mathematics teachers, this helps the teachers”.

Dr Fabri added that the criteria for the recruitment of these teachers will be the same as the rest of Maltese supply teachers, adding that the call for Maltese teachers will remain open.

Speaking with Television Malta, the University’s Education Faculty Dean Dr Colin Calleja said that the use of supply teachers should be considered with cautiousness, while he stressed that the teacher’s course is currently in a Masters level. “If there is a need for foreign teachers, we cannot go for less in certain subjects. We cannot go for a mentality of bringing someone who knows the subject and is placed in a class”.

Dr Fabri stated that the Government will recruit foreign supply teachers with a contract and on condition of achieving a qualification in Maltese Ordinary level. “This is for a definite period and if this requisite is not achieved, the contract is closed and will not be renewed”.

MUT President Marco Bonnici said the union will not accept that its proposals for the increase in teachers remain shelved and instead easier solutions are found with the recruitment of foreign teachers.

Dr Fabri said the Government increased teachers’ salaries and introduced a number of new allowances, while some of MUT’s proposals are being implemented.

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