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Consortium for enlargement of Addolorata Cemetery to be chosen by end of year

The Health Ministry is planning that the consortium which will carry out the extension to the Addolorata Cemetery will be chosen by the end of the year. At the same time promises of sale are already being drawn up for the sales of some three thousand new graves, at a cost per unit of 8,000 euro. The chosen consortium will also be responsible for restoration and management of the cemetery over a 15-year period.

Behind a wall to the side of the entrance to the Addolorata Cemetery, from the Santa Lucija side, one comes across a sizeable plot of land, part of which is filled with tons of rubble. Planning Authority permits are in hand for the land in this zone, known as Tal-Horr, for the building of 2,880 graves to be added to the 16,000 graves at the Addolorata.  According to the permits, the extension will retain the style prevalent in the rest of the cemetery, which had been built to plans by Architect Emanuel Luigi Galizia.

Sina Bugeja, who is responsible for this special project within the Health Ministry, explained that four consortia have submitted all the necessary documents, and an evauation is being carried out at present, with the aim of the consortium being chosen and identified by end of year.

Sina Bugeja, who is Chief Executive in Charge of Special Projects at the Health Ministry, explained that the evaluation is for the “best and final offer, which covers all of Government’s plans for the Addolorata.”

Ms Bugeja added that besides the extension to the cemetery, private enterprise will handle other responsibilities, including restoration of the chapel and the environment of the cemetery, which is considered an architectural jewel. Besides, the chosen consortium will be given a 15-year concession, during which it will be responsible for the running and operation of Malta’s largest cemetery. This includes maintenance and gardening.

The project calls for an investment of between 18 and 20 million euro, with Government obliging the chosen consortium to spend not less than six million euro on restoration.

Although the work on the new graves has yet to start, Government has already started signing promises of sale with prospective buyers. Ms Bugeja pointed out that there is a list of over 4,000 persons who over the years have applied to own a grave at the Addolorata, and Government would like to follow this list, with preference being given to first applicants.

This means that prospective buyers are being notified by turn by the Notary to Government, and are being told of the situation, as well as the new legal notice, and promises of sale are being drawn up and signed. As soon as the work is ready, the graves will start being distributed. The legal notice stipulates that each grave will cost 8,000 euro, of which 4,000 euro will be paid on signing of promise of sale, and the balance on completion.

The Addolorata Cemetery is about 150 years old, and is built in the neo-gothic style. The chapel was consecrated in 1869.


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