Constable testified how man punched him and disfigured his face under the St Julian’s tunnel

The compilation of evidence resumed this morning in court on the aggression that a police constable suffered in the beginning of the year when he was assaulted in a road by a man who practices martial arts and has a long story of assaults in Maltese roads.

Testifying before Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech, Christian Agius – the police officer involved in the incident – said that as a result of the aggression he suffered nose fractures and a week after the assault he cannot feel half his mouth. He said that he hardly drinks and eats.

40-year old Angel Attard from Vittoriosa is charged that on the 3rd of January he assaulted and beat a police officer who was off-duty when he stopped him with his car under the St Julian’s tunnel.

The constable testified that the aggression occurred when he was accompanied by his girlfriend. He added that as he was driving through the Paceville tunnel, Attard was driving exactly beside him and as he was exiting the tunnel, saw the accused driving with great speed and told his girlfriend that he was coming to get an explanation on the incident. Asked by the court what was the reason that he thought the accused approached him for an explanation, Agius answered that the man’s behaviour under the tunnel led him to suspect on this intention.

He said that at one moment he heard his car door open and saw a punch coming on his face. As he told him he was a policeman, the accused answered in a contemptuous way.

The constable stated that as he had his safety belt on, the aggressor continued to punch him in the face for various minutes. He added he couldn’t defend himself as blood started coming down his face and almost lost consciousness. At one moment, the accused stopped and drove away. He said that when he exited the car and asked him why he assaulted him, Attard answered that he thought that he would bump into his car.

The accused is still being held under custody.