‘Constitutional amendements show that political forces in Malta can unite for the common good

Following the historic agreement between the Government and the Opposition on constitutional amendments, the Minister of Justice, Equality and Governance, Edward Zammit Lewis told TVM that yesterday’s agreement shows that the country was capable of uniting for the collective good. Opposition Spokesperson on constitutional reforms Chris Said said that amendments to the appointment of the judiciary were crucial to strengthening the rule of law in Malta.

The day after the two sides of the chamber agreed on historic constitutional amendments proposed by the Venice Commission, the Minister of Justice, Equality and Governance, Edward Zammit Lewis promised that the Government would continue to push for further reforms in the coming months. aimed at strengthening the country’s institutions.

Dr Zammit Lewis told Television Malta that yesterday’s vote was a demonstration that political forces in Malta could work for one goal. “Reforms will continue, ten bills are left. We have voted in 6, 4 are left. This does not mean that no more reforms will be made for good governance, for the strengthening of democracy for the respect of good governance and for the strengthening of the rule of law. “This is a complete reform that took place in the judiciary which is groundbreaking and was needed. With everyone’s help and with everyone on board we showed that together we can do things well. ”

The bills approved by the House of Representatives include changes in the appointment of the President of Malta who, instead of a simple majority, must obtain two thirds of the votes of the chamber. Similar amendments were approved regarding the appointment of the other posts.

Opposition spokesperson on constitutional reforms Chris Said told Television Malta that with these amendments a process had started ensuring that power was more widespread and not concentrated in the executive. He added that changes in the appointment of the judiciary were among the most important amendments to good governance. “With these amendments we are ensuring that the Government will have nothing to do with the appointment and that a selection committee chosen by the President of the Republic will appoint these members. There have been other important amendments: that the President be appointed by two-thirds of the House so that the President may be given further powers. ”

Dr Said said that the Opposition would continue to push for further reforms, including the appointment of the Attorney General and the chairpersons of the Electoral Commission and the Broadcasting Authority and the introduction of the constitutional concept of a caretaker government.

In a statement in response to this vote, the Labor Party said that this Government had shown that it not only did it offer the best economic and social leadership, while guaranteeing more civil rights, but it was the most credible political force for good governance.

Moreover, it was ultimately a Labor Government that had made this reform in the field of justice, after these laws had been abandoned and left on the shelf for several years. It concluded by saying that it was looking forward to further constitutional reforms.

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