Consultation over changes to engineering course so that MCAST students can receive warrant

The Engineering Profession Board and the Chamber of Engineers are taking part in a process to ensure that the engineering course at  MCAST will reach the level required, so that students at University and MCAST will have the same opportunity to receive a warrant in order to practice their profession.

In a statement, the Ministry for Education and the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects said that German experts have been brought in to evaluate the course and recommend any changes. The statement added that in consultation with these experts, who are considered to be the best in Europe and among the top five in the world when it comes to this type of evaluation, they are ensuring that there are changes to the academic level set by MCAST.

The Government said that it has no intention to lower the standards of this profession but that the plan is for the level to continue to be raised and that the warrant will be given to those who truly work hard to obtain it, with the full commitment of the Engineering Profession. It said that despite the fact that an injunction had been presented on this subject, it is committed to completing this process until the end.