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Contemporary feel for ‘As you like it’ at San Anton Gardens

Theatrical company MADC is keeping with tradition with its annual summer production of a work by William Shakespeare.

The gardens of San Anton in Attard will be infused with magic and fantasy as MADC presents its production of As You Like It.  The play is based on the story of Rosalind, the niece of Duke Frederick, who is banished from the palace after she sets her sights on Orlando.

She escapes from the oppressive atmosphere which her uncle has created, to go look for her father who has been exiled to the Arden forest.  She does this by dressing up as a young boy and the story follows her romantic adventures and her journey as she discovers her true identity.

Director  Philip Leone Ganado, has described the drama as a production which will put the audience in a good mood because of its comic and touching moments. “As you like it; it’s a comedy, it’s a fun joyous comedy, sort of play with music and dancing and a lot of joy… I keep using this word, joy, because that is the sort of play it is.”

Philip said the the interpretation of the play is classic, despite its modern feel.  “So for San Anton it’s just perfect for us, we’ve got the gardens to guide us, and in terms of adaptation, it is Shakespeare’s classic script, but we have gone for a contemporary take on it with modern costumes, music, we have actors doubling… this should add to the sense of fun… it should be a very fresh take”.

Among the cast in this production there are established actors as well as some newcomers.

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