Current Affairs
“Continue to spread the values of love so that we can lead the country to where it deserves to be” – PM

Prime Minister and Labour Party Leader Robert Abela has declared that workers who suffered a reduction in their salaries because of the pandemic would have their income for last year worked out on January and February rather than on a full year, so that they would not have their pension reduced. The Prime Minister stated during a political activity in Floriana that this measure aimed at those who will be retiring in the next two years will also hold good for the self-employed, with last year’s income being based on the 2019 income. Dr Abela said this measure shows the Government’s social soul, in not wanting anyone to suffer.

The Prime Minister stated that the forecast by the European Commission that next year Malta will enjoy the biggest economic growth in the European Union is in contrast with those who in recent months conducted campaigns which he described as subtle, to paralyse the economy. Dr Abela added that the Government had always been a voice of hope, and had always spoken with honesty.

The Prime Minister referred to a visit he had made to a company where he said he had seen the difference made by the Government when a company was started from scratch between a local entrepreneur and an entrepreneur who had become a Maltese citizen through the citizenship investment programme. Dr Abela added that the Nationalist Party had always tried to destroy this programme.

The Prime Minister stated that he is working with those who suffered most during the pandemic, and this week the Government came out with a new law so that those who suffered a drop in their income last year because of the pandemic would not now suffer a reduction in their pension. Dr Abela explained that employees and self-employed persons who were badly affected will have their pension worked out on their income before the start of the pandemic. Referring to Air Malta, the Prime Minister recognised that the company is facing various challenges, which he added have been building up for years. Dr Abela stressed, however, that the national airline will continue to operate strongly.

The Prime Minister stated that Malta is the leader in the European Union regarding the number of persons who have been vaccinated on a per capita basis, adding that had the Nationalist Party been in Government we would be dying of hunger and would have had to wait until April for the covid-19 vaccine to arrive.

On migration, the Prime Minister stated that the work has continued, adding that as far as he was concerned the people’s interests came first. On the participation of youths in public entities, Dr Abela said the Government believes in the potential of all youths and promised he would continue to defend them, even those who criticised the Government.

The Prime Minister remarked that the President of Malta had been attacked because he spoke about national unity. Dr Abela added that there are those who still believe in a divide-and-rule policy, remarking however that the Government believed in the policy of Team Malta, with everyone working together for the good of the country.