Coronavirus: Australia’s Victoria state declares state of disaster

In Australia, the state of Victoria has declared a state of disaster and imposed new lockdown measures following an increase in new coronavirus infections.

Victoria Premier, Daniel Andrews, said that the restrictions will enter into force on Sunday at 6 p.m.

The new measures impose on Melbourne residents to refrain from going outside during the night and will have to give certain reasons for leaving their homes during the day.

Residents will not be permitted to travel for more than five kilometres from their homes, may do physical exercises once a day and a single person is now permitted to go shopping for essential things.

Until recent weeks, Australia had managed to control the virus spread and had registered some 17,000 cases and 200 deaths. However, new cases emerged in Victoria state, the most populated in Australia, where cases suddenly increased and forced authorities to impose lockdown measures.

671 new Covid cases and seven deaths were reported on Sunday in Victoria, with infections in the state now totaling 11,557 and 123 deaths.

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