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Coronavirus: Death toll in Italy rises to 12 with six children infected

On the international front, more European countries have reported cases of the Coronavirus. In Italy, the death toll has risen to 12 while there are 400 reported cases of Coronavirus, including six children.  However, this has not led to neighbouring countries closing their borders to Italy, following a meeting with Health Ministers from European countries and the European Commission.

In France, a 60-year-old man died after he tested positive for the Coronavirus.   Austria, Spain, Grech, Croatia and Switzerland said that they have cases of people who, after visiting Italy, were tested and were confirmed to have the virus.  In Tenerife, Spain,  one thousand people from 25 different counties could not leave their hotel after a case of Coronavirus was found.

The same happened in Algeria and Brazil which became the first country in South America with a case of Coronavirus. The concerns about the virus have led to financial markets around the world to register a drop for the fifth day in a row, with economists predicting that Italy is moving towards another recession, this time because of the Coronavirus.


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