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Coronavirus is spreading in Italy faster than anywhere else in the world

Italy is officially the country where  the virus is spreading at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world, even faster than in China were the virus originated.

Yesterday Italy saw a 25% increase of new Covid-19 cases, and this morning 456 cases have been confirmed, including a number of children. To date, the death toll in Italy is 12. The Lombardy region has seen the highest number of cases, with 305 cases up until this morning, followed by Veneto with 71 cases and Emilia Romagna with 47 cases.

This morning, Denmark confirmed its first case of Covid-19, while Japan confirmed its sixth victim,  an 80-year-old man.

What measures are countries taking against Covid-19?

Meanwhile, over the least few hours, a number of countries have adopted measures to try and stop the spread of this new type of  virus, which has been named Covid-19.

In Australia, PM Scott Morrison has announced that an emergency plan will be implemented which will focus on whether there is an adequate supply of medicines and protective equipment around the country. Certain mass activities may be cancelled such as concerts and matches, as well as minor operations. Apart from this, foreigners from China will continue to be stopped from entering Australia which to date has 23 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

In the UK, the authorities also gave details of an emergency plan in case the cases continue to increase, which to date number 13. Five specialised hospitals have taken care of the patients affected to date, while the 19 units for infectious diseases are on stand by in case of an epidemic.  It also said that some operations may be cancelled.

Saudi Arabia has stopped religious pilgrimages, 60 days before Ramadan,  when millions usually visit Mecca, the place of birth of the prophet Mohammed. Saudi Arabia has taken this decision as cases of the Coronavirus in neighbouring countries such as Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain were linked to people who had been on a pilgrimage in Iran.

In Pakistan, which has two confirmed cases, two regions have closed their schools, while the hunting of birds which have migrated from China has been banned.

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