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Corradino industrial zone embellished with vertical garden – equivalent to 28 trees

Part of the Corradino industrial zone has been embellished with a vertical garden, which according to scientific studies is equivalent to 28 trees.

Ministers Aaron Farrugia and Silvio Schembri stated that these projects will be spread through other industrial zones as well as in villages and communities through a new two million euro scheme by the Planning Authority.

A good part of the facade of a factory at the Corradino industrial zone has been transformed into a vertical garden after a 150,000 euro investment by Ambjent Malta.

Economy and Industry Minister Silvio Schembri said this initiative is part of a half-million euro pilot project for the Corradino, Mosta and Marsa industrial zones.

“We normally associate industrial zones with smoke and economic activity; we now want to show that from a simple factory wall, which is already in place, we can create a vertical garden which is not just aesthetically beautiful, but also offers benefits amounting to a number of trees. These three pilot projects total over 105 mature trees.”

Minister Schembri added that through an agreement with INDIS, these projects will also be included in the crafts villages at Ta’ Qali, Ta’ Dbieġi and Malta Industrial Parks.

Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia said vertical gardens create a better environment, improve air quality and reduce noise generated by industrial activity.

“As a result, even workers in these areas will have a better quality of life; we will also be putting some greenery on house facades thanks to a two million euro investment by the PA so that families can benefit from the vertical gardens in the country.”

Minister Farrugia urged Local Councils to go for environmental projects through various Ambjent Malta schemes, as well as through the Planning Authority’s fund for Planning Development.