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Councils want stiff on-the-spot fines for those who litter and break the law

The Association of Local Councils has appealed to the authorities concerned to start imposing harsh on-the-spot fines to those caught littering and breaking the law.

It was reacting to the wave of complaints which it is receiving about the rubbish and waste being left to pile up as a result of some people’s negligence. The association also said that those caught breaking the law should be made to pay the fines there and then to avoid the problem of foreigners who would have left Malta by the time they receive the citation.

It also was sorry to note that despite the educational campaign in favour of keeping the country clean and the free bulky refuse service offered by the local councils, the rubbish being dumped in public spaces is increasing which is not only ruining the environment but is also a threat to public health.

In its statement the association also drew attention to the waste being dumped outside of take away establishments. It said that they should collaborate with the local council to keep the place clean. They should install their own rubbish bins outside their premises while also engaging a contractor to collect their rubbish.

While thanking all those who have felt the need to report incidents of people who are littering, the association urged everyone to draw the attention of the person littering about what they are doing wrong, before filing a report.